Live casino Malaysia – promotions & bonuses

Summary: This new article will reveal some very provoking promotions offered by a prestigious live casino Malaysia – the Infiniwin casino.

Live Casino Malaysia Provider – – The Most Attractive Promotions

  1. Daily Deposit Promotion (20% up to 238)
  • Get your free 20% extra on your Deposit free on a daily basis
  • Register an Account at this live casino Malaysia provider
  • Make a minimum of MYR 30 initial Deposit of the day.
  • Choose the daily Deposit bonus (20% up to 238) at the bottom of the Deposit form.
  • Take an up to MYR 238 bonus for any of your deposits of the day.
  • The bonus is not to be entitled along with other welcome bonuses.
  • The bonus is subjected to a 20 times turnover requirement.


Terms & Conditions

  • This bonus begins at 12:00:00 (GMT+8) 1 September 2015 till 31 December 2016 (11:59:59 (GMT+8).
  • This bonus is applied to every existing members of this live casino Malaysia who just use MYR. Member may just have one active bonus in their account at any time.
  • Your initial deposit plus the bonus is subjected to 20 times turnover in Infiniwin before users make any withdrawal or get their next bonus.


  • First Deposit = MYR 100
  • Bonus = 100 x 20% = MYR 20
  • Rollover requirement = 20 x (100 + 20) = MYR 2,400 (or equivalent currency)
  • Draw result, both sides bet, cancelled, or voided games are not included in turnover calculation.
  • The amount of this bonus and all winnings would be forfeited if the bonus and deposit turnover requirement are not met within 1 month of bonus credit.

This live casino Malaysia provider has the right to delete this bonus at any time, either for individual player or all players.

II. Welcome Bonus: Beginner Pack – Deposit RM50 Free RM28; Deposit RM30 Free RM18

  • Register an Account at Infiniwin
  • Make a minimum of the only MYR 50 or MYR 30 First Time Deposit and enjoy a MYR 28 or MYR 18 for Free.
  • Choose the Beginner Pack at bottom of Deposit form.
  • The bonus is not to be entitled along with other welcome bonus bonuses.
  • The bonus is subjected to a six times turnover requirement.

Terms And Conditions

  • This promotion starts at 12:00:00 (GMT+8) 1 September 2015 till 31 December 2016 (11:59:59 (GMT+8).
  • This bonus is applied to every existing members of this live casino Malaysia who just use MYR. Member might just have 1 active bonus in their account at any time.
  • Your first deposit + the bonus is subjected to 6 times turnover in Infiniwin before users make any withdrawal or get your next bonus.


  • First Deposit = MYR 30
  • Bonus = MYR 18 + MYR 30 = MYR 48
  • Rollover requirement = 6 x (30 + 18) = MYR 288 (or any equivalent currency)
  • Draw result, both sides bet, cancelled or voided games are not included in turnover calculation.
  • The promotion amount and all winnings would be forfeited if the bonus and deposit turnover requirement are not met within 1 month of bonus credit.

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Why you can’t miss great blue – a favorite game of many people?

Today, if you want to find a trusted betting game to enjoy and relax after stressful days, you should to try to select great blue. Great blue is an amazing betting game which belongs to Malaysia online casino system, it is a betting world with new theme – ocean theme and many high value prizes and maybe that is a reason now great blue is becoming more and more popular. So are you ready to discover this interesting betting game? In this article, I will help you know clearly about this game and join in it effectively.


Why you should choose great blue?

It is not by chance I told you that you should choose great blue. Indeed, it is a great game for you. The first, great blue is a quality product of Playtech – a leading technology in the world and like other products of Playtech, this game is invested carefully in all aspects from the interface, graphics, music to prizes and checked by the high professional organizations before being introduced to many people. Moreover, this is a new game with ocean them an many cute symbols which are inspired by the sea creatures, so come to great blue, you will be immersed in a fresh betting game with the most authentic betting experiences and the interesting moments to relax and entertain. The last, if you choose great blue, you can join in this betting game right in your home, on your computer and with the time to play well, you will have the opportunity to become winners with great prizes. This is a convenient for you because with the expensive casinos, you have to spend a lot of time and money with them. So I really think that you should not miss it.

How to join in great blue effectively?

Now, I am showing you some tips that can help you join in this betting game effectively. Great blue is a random game, so if you want to join in a best way, you should prepare a suitable plan. The first, you have to read and try to memorize all information about this game such as game bonuses, game features, game symbols and game rules. Try to apply them in a reasonable manner in the betting process and it will help you participate in more effectively. The second, before you start betting your money, you should join in game trials which are provided along with this game from the suppliers. This is a good way to join in great blue for free, considering that it suits you or not and get used to with it before betting officially. The last, because great blue is a random game and you don’t know what will happen, you in the process of betting, you should bet in a certain limit which you can pay for suppliers if you lose. Don’t bet all your money.


In short

In the betting game, great blue is a favorite game of many people, and I think it will become a favorite game of you if you try to choose it. Let’s choose and enjoy Online casino Malaysia now !


Fantasy Sports betting online in Malaysia

Fantasy Sports “is a league of players who join together to draft their own teams and earn points based on their performance. Yahoo Fantasy Sports provides the infrastructure for US residents to play for real money.” (Al Moe,, 7th October 2015) There is something wrong with this quote; online gambling is essentially illegal in America. But Yahoo offers the foundation to Americans in using real money.


In Fantasy Sports, like any other casinos’ card games – gamblers are playing against each other but there are house edges to make sure the host still earns. However, there are articles that claim that football betting online ; even though appears as the most logical way of gambling, it would ruin one’s bank roll in long-term effects. Because it was calculated and evaluated that gamblers have to win over 52 percent of the wages, in order to gain the same amount they lose. What are the odds then?

Yahoo, a company based in the USA offers an alternative to gamblers, who are hesitant about which online sportsbook they can trust. For example, there are lists of Malaysia’s online betting websites; choice-overload could confuse gamblers and if lucky they would pick the right one. Thus, Yahoo erases that problem with its famous company’s name, it surely is legit. Al Moe also stated again in his article that “Yahoo contests are governed by the laws of the United States. You must be 18 years of age to play, and you must be a resident of the District of Columbia or one of the fifty United States – with the exception of five that are still holding out against any online gaming,” This blurs the limit of regulations’ power that is being exercised in the USA; thus this puts online gaming in the grey scale of being legal or not.

It is easy to sign up for this kind of betting. When usually sports betting are made with pari-mutuel type of gambling, however, this one uses the system of card games instead. Basically, all the wagers and expenses are paid before the game starts. The list of expenses is: wager and entrance fee. When the game begins, the scores will be accumulated into a category, in accordance with the chosen athlete’s performance. Then, the rewards will be granted to the one with the highest point of all. Unlike the Malaysia online casino, the points that they use to judge the winner is from the point spread. Also, gamblers tend to listen to the oddsmaker before they can actually wager, and inform the bookie to record their bets.

The NFL betting for example: “In this form of wagering, the team that is favored gives a set number of points to make the game closer. That means that if team “A” is a bit better and expected to win, they might be -3 points. For wagering purposes, the casino says the better team gives up three points and the worse team gets three points.”

In overall, usually sports betting uses the system of pari-mutuel betting, however the Fantasy Sport offers a different approach. The game requires bettors to choose one athlete, and wait to see if the person’s scores could accumulate to the highest of all. Whereas for NFL, gamblers are supposed to pick a team according to what experts say, in order to get more chances to win.

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The Great Blue – Bonus and Symbols

The Great Blue – Bonus and Symbols

A quick look at the Great Blue

Great Blue slot game is pubiced to be a 5 reel 25 payline slot machine clarifying wild replacements, Scatter wins, Gamble feature and the bonus game. The best reward of this game is 10,000 coins, supplied by 5 Killer Whale symbols.

The Killer Whale symbol is represented as a wild symbol and it duplicates the payout when it works as a wild symbol in a winning combination.

Keep your eyes on the Pearl symbols, because it’s a scatter symbol and can appear on any 5 reels, even if they are not enabled. Scatter wins are multiplied by your total bet. Scatter symbols can bring you up to 500 coins. The bonus game can be activated if you receive three or more Pearl symbols. In the casino online malaysia you win automatically 8 free spins with a 2x multiplier, but you must choose 2 of 5 sea shells to win additional free spins and/or multiplier value.

Great Blue free slot is a slot machine with gamble feature, where you can gamble any win.


Bonus and Symbols

Great Blue has both wild and scatter symbols that give advantages while playing. The game also has a bonus game.

Wild symbol

Wild symbol works as usual, that it can replace all other symbols except scatter and bonus symbol. Wild symbol acts thus as a joker. Wild symbol is simply a part of helping to get good combinations. There are several different payments with wild symbol in a combination.

Scatter symbol

Scatter symbol in slot game great blue appear randomly during the game and anywhere on the reels. Scatter symbol is original because it does not need to be a combination where the symbols are next to each other. If you have 3 or more scatter symbols on screen at once so they will automatically have a gain. The rewards you get through scatter symbols also have a multiplication function which helps to increase the gain.

The bonus game

Bonus game in slot Great Blue has many benefits for the player. Already in the starting bonus game so you get awarded 8 free spins rounds that have a multiplication function at times 2. The gains eventually getting the rounds are doubled. If it turns up 3 or more scatter symbols during the free rounds will be automatically issued to another 15 free spins and multiplication function remains. To get even more free spins and to get a higher multiplication, then you have to choose between 5 shells that appear on the screen. Here one should choose 2 of the 5, and inside each of them as it is either more free spins or a higher multiplication. Man has always aware rounds and multiplication top right corner of the game.

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3 Guides to Play scr888 download roulette games live casino

3 Guides to Play scr888 download roulette games live casino

Scr888 Casino is regarded as the leading live download online gambling malaysia in all the world to play online slot games because it provides a wonderful amazement and pleasure as well. There is a big range of slot games found in Scr888 casino.


In general, there are two main types of roulette that the player has usually played at land-based casinos since the early days which is contained European Roulette and American Roulette style. Though, the only one difference between American and European Roulette is the number of zeroes on these 2 types of roulette wheel.

  • How to determine which roulette is value to bet for

For European roulette wheel, it will have unique one single zero in contrast, the American roulette will have the plus one zero to be doubled on the wheel. It is forth noted that the first zero has been added by Louis Blance, a man from France with his purpose to maximize the house odd. Later on, another double zero have been made in United States with the same goal of house odds. Therefore, the American roulette’s house profit would be at the winning opportunity of 5.3% whereas the European roulette’s house probability would be at the level of 2.7% only.

  • How to begin playing roulette online

For case, once the player has totally installed the scr 888 download roulette game into his or her computer or even the mobile device, then the gambler should learn the game tips in order to play and defeat the roulette game. Or in the other hand, the player can pick to select the free play mode first just to try out and practice. Besides, roulette game is basically a round wheel that has 27 slots for European and 28 slots for American’s style with including of 36 numbers and one zero for American roulette and another double for European one. To start the roulette game, a ball shall be dropped on the spinning wheel, next is the gambler’s time to predict which number the ball shall be landed on. Besides, the betting amount that the gamer has selected to place, would of course diffirence in term of payout percentage and ratio as well.

How the payout ratio in roulette game

Ordinarily, the payout percentage or ratio in roulette games casino live, will be relied on the bet that the gamer has wagered for which is comprised of:

o The Straight Bet: the maximum payout percentage in roulette game live is for the straight bet which is the bet on any single number while the payout shall be made at the common of 35:1 ratio.

o The Split Bet: At this option of wager, the player would need to place betting amount on 2 numbers whereas the payout ratio shall be at 17:1.

o The Street Bet: At the bet, the gambler would be requested to bet a three number on the horizon line where the payout shall be usually set at 11:1.

o A corner bet: Generally, it will be wagered on a block of 4 numbers by which the payout rate would be up to 8:1

o The line bet: At this level of bet, the payout would usually be given at 5:1 and the gambler has to wager on six numbers in 2 rows.

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Play Casino Slot Game At Scr888 and tips you should know

Play Slot Game At Scr888 Casino and tips you should know

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In the SCR888 slot game, you need to have experience, tricks, to win this game you need to accumulate experience for themselves the actual game. But if you do not know how to find her tips, please join us to learn more tips when playing casino slots games.


You know anything about casino Scr888?

Scr888 casino was considered a gambling game is very popular in Asia, along with the most reliable condition recognized. Scr888 Casino is a ground – breaking online casinos in Asia, from gaming and entertainment to players. It has established itself as the organization leading the industry in supporting all of the players. Players can experience a sense of gaming reliable and consistent customer service and high quality.

scr888 casino gives players a lot of the traditional casino games and modern. Players have the opportunity to experience the fun in Vegas at the same time, relax yourself in the comfort of their adobe!. Scr888 Casino offers you to download the casino gaming software. It is equipped with over 100 online casino games. In addition, it spread all deals tables and contains a series of great themed slot. If this is your first time, you will be extended an initial deposit casino received more huge benefits by presenting to you that promotion.

These tips while playing:

  1. Understand all the rules and how to play casino slot games at Scr888

Do you really understand how to play slots games before you start playing. Do not start the game when you do not know how to bet or operate a rotation. That makes you lose all your money immediately.

  1. Stop at the right time

Always set your limits, or how much money you will use to play when starting the game with the best bookies. When you exceed your capital, you set up, stop right then. If you win big money, use money to win playing again when you want to continue.

  1. Understand how much money you should play for one hour.

Why is this so important? You must set up the capital before playing slot games, and with this calculation, it will help you do it the easy way. If you remember this and keep self – control, you will minimize your bonus before the first casino that is increasing Jackpot.

  1. Always set the limits of your bag in your ability

Be honest with yourself. Playing with a predefined amount and stop when you reach the limit. Make sure you do not waste all your money in some casinos even if it is your money that is to entertain and try your luck.

  1. Always bet the maximum

You will reduce your chance of winning if you do not play with the maximum amount. Jackpot is an award that requires the maximum bet on the game and this special prize is calculated and given to you based on a percentage of the amount you spend.

Here are tips on playing casino slot games at the casino online malaysia scr888 directly, you can refer to wield in your wars. Besides, you need to learn more online casino experience and register Scr888 to earn a lot of experience and skills to win when playing in a casino. Good luck all!




Maybe you have ever wondered whether you are going to undergo playing certain amazing betting game for free someday or not?  In case your answer is no, you never think about that, you are able to choose to get trying to play the free version of highway king slot game. Highway king slot game is popular as an amazing and attractive slot game of Playtech that is known as a forefront software firm in the area of betting game in the world. There are many different benefits slot game highway king will bring you. One side, it has free version of betting for you to be possible to play without real money. Besides, this will be wonderful opportunity for you to feel the great experience of this charming betting game as well as attaining the big and costly prize if you are really lucky.


  1.      Finding out something about the free version of highway king slot game

Malaysia online casino will be an indispensable place to look for Highway king slot free play because it is always available any time you want to try. This online casino is also known as a leading address for players with constant passion experiencing slot game, so that is also reason why it has become a famous location for gamblers for over a long time. Everything happens has its own process. A question asked is that what Malaysia online casino implemented so as to reach this achievement? – The answer is that the investment in designing and producing slot games from all aspects such as content, image, sounds and remarkable and quality rewards. In addition, here is place to supply players with impressive game products of world’s well-known providers all over the world, and it does not except highway king slot free play. You will see the theme of traffic when playing Highway king slot game that includes 5 reels and 9 pay lines. As you take part in this fascinating game, you will be drowning into the bright colors and an funny air.

  1.      The effective way to play highway king

Learning to know how to utilize the buttons appearing in slot game Highway king is essential prior to begin playing it. There are not too many buttons for you to remember, just a few main and basic buttons like: Bet One, Bet Max, Pay-table and Spin that is not so different from buttons of other betting games. However, understanding clearly and accurately about them is totally necessary helping not be like a fish out of water. For example, you have to utilize Bet One button that permits you to choose the number of pay lines to bet. Besides, when you need to choose all pay lines and turn the reels automatically, you are going to press Bet Max button that can allow you to carry out that. To start for a spin, of course, Spin button will be your selection to be able to spin the reels. You can see your winning combination with the last button that is pay-table.

  1.      Tactics and advice to play

A thing you had better remember as you partake in this game is to frequently see the pay-table because it helps you know how much the winning combination pays out and some of the symbols pays more than others. You are possible to miss most of other symbols that can make you be paid a lot if you take so much time to accumulate scattered exhaust pipes. Therefore, you need to pay attention that do not lose much time to finding scattered exhaust pipes. The final advice, the condition for activating of Dollar ball progressive jackpot selection is you enable it, and this can be done in the up-right hand corner of the screen.

  1.      Summation

Highway king slot game will be the best and most appropriate option for you to experience and get incredible reward in the summer time coming soon, it makes sure that you are going to undergo the interesting moments. With the particular and unique characteristics and big prizes with the huge amount as well as the smooth graphic, Highway king slot free play is promising not making players disappointed and actually a good choice, Turning your summer vacation into more exciting with the unique gaming experience provided at Malaysia online casino.
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Great Blue’s fixed jackpots

Great Blue’s fixed jackpots with abnormally high multipliers

Great Blue slot game of casino online malaysia is famous for a game supplied with abnormally high multipliers, which means extremely tremendous outcome for involved players. The whale in this slot game belongs to the symbol to check out for and serves as the wild; hence, when gamesters catch it, they can await a constructive reservoir of money to approach their way.



The game includes five reels and 25 pay-lines and one of its most distinctive traits is that the wilds are stacked. For people who are lucky enough to bump into a pink clam, the scatter feature donates and they may be possible to activate the bonus round since three of these are obtained. The bonus game offers gamesters the alternative to pick two clams from a scope of five. They are going to be awarded with whatever rewards are inside the clam, and these comprise free spins and even multipliers, both of which rise up to the highest of 33.

Great Blue fixed jackpot

The constant 100,000 coin jackpot separately is amongst the topmost in this slot game great blue but there is another way to acquire a definitely massive 2,500,000 during the fundamental game. This is due to the fact that the wilds are mutilated so if you achieve a complete screen of wild whales, you are likely to gain the best jackpot on all 25 pay-lines! The scattered shells here are the lisence to attain even larger winnings. Pick three, four or five anyplace on the reels and you win the free spins. Once triggered, you are going to be transformed to a second bonus screen in which you have five shells. You must select two out of five to add additional free spins or greater multipliers to the primary 8 spins with 2X wins. The perfect payout is 33 games with wins X15.

Recently, the jackpots on the paltry game are already immense but Great Blue has established a record for a non-growing slot. If you control to reach an entire screen of stacked whales and have the max multiplier, you will gain an earth wrecking 37,500,000 coins. Even at only the 1c coin size, still this is $375,000! Experience at the 50c coin size and this jackpot is a life altering $18,750,000! If the basic outcomes are not huge enough for you, the Great Blue has an added way to win with the red / black double up trait. After a win, just press the gamble button and you are capable of trying your luck at duplicating up your win.

Great Blue slot game has the perfect non continuous jackpots of any online slot game. The stacked wilds and vast free spins feature create it a top favorite. If you are searching for enormous jackpots and excellent features then Great Blue is difficult to pass through.
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Great Blue Slot Game Review

Great Blue Slot Game Review for players

Are you trying to find out free slot video games in which you are able to win precious awards? Keep concentration to the great blue slot game no download! Here, you are able to win 33 free spins or to receive X15 multiplier. Submarine style and curious sound effects will attract anyone who is addicted to the aquatic world! It embodies 5 reels with 25 pay-lines.


Great Blue symbols

The game has recently become really well-known thanks to the Wild symbol of a Great Blue Whale which substitutes for all other symbols, apart from Scatter. Due to this icon, any gamester could boost his/her opportunities to win impressive prizes. Additionally, there is a Scatter Sea Shell triggering a Bonus round. 3 Scatter Sea Shells on the reel will bring you to a mini game. On this round, you must select Sea Shells that offer you 15 free spins. The final outcome of this round is 33 free spins. Without any doubt, you can recompense up to 100 times your stake.

Great Blue bet and coins

To activate the slot game Great Blue, you have to change a stake per spin and the coin size ranging from £0.01 up to £5. The max wager might be established in the way of pressing a Bet Max button. Additionally, you are able to trigger all your reels and pay-lines to acquire worthy wins! Click the “Spin” option to start the process or push an Auto-play feature for continuing process. Cause’ it belongs to a free slot games free spins, you are capable of striving one more Bonus game.

Not less thrilling will be a Great Blue’s Gamble choice. Here, you will confront with the selection of lucky pearl’s color. Employing this feature, you are likely to reach amazing payout! Do not ponder and arrive our online gambling malaysia that is crowded with other Playtech free slots no download or enrollment growing slots games! You will have an entry to distinctive free slot machine with bonus round.

Play Great Blue Slots Today!

Great Blue slots game is judge as one of Playtech’s leading casino slot games. With 5 reels, 25 pay-lines and a largest payout of $50,000, it is exactly worth a shot. Make sure to widen your winnings by playing with highest bet so that whenever you win, you are able to receive the perfect payout. You need to remember to take full advantages of 25 play-lines because you don’t usually see it in Great Blue online slots! In addition, make sure to play the bonus round and receive some real cash rewards on hand today!

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Achieve big winning in Captain’s Treasure game slot in SCR888 casino

Achieve big winning in Captain’s Treasure game slot in SCR888 casino online

SCR888 online casino is one of the most famous in online gambling malaysia with variety of online slot games. Captain’s Treasure is known as a new and exciting slot game in SCR888 online casino. Playing this slot games, you will certainly achieve big winning.


  1. What is Captain’s Treasure

In SCR888 online casino, you can play Captain’s Treasure for gaming in a non progressive Slot, with five reels, twenty paylines, and variety of treasure symbols around. The symbols will add appeal to your gaming experience, along with the artwork and the animations, and this game’s design. Let’s remember the big sound effects. Captain’s Treasure will make you happy and enable you to unwind in a pleasant way with the cash prizes which appear as opportunities, specially to reward you.

Captain’s treasures typically have to play with the role’s plagiarist. You would feel like a man sailing on a plagiarist ship. There are adventures ahead, which will make you unforgettable about your life. In the game, these adventures also mean big wins. Look at Blackbeard, the man steering the ship and using his pipe, a symbol of maritime person. Morever, you can enjoy the symbols being pirate themed, among which you will have sanks and hoarded wealth chests, and also a useful talking parrot.

2. How to play Captain’s Treasure

The Scatter is the Treasure Chest and the Wild is the Captain. With one Wild at least, you can have doubling of your wins. The Wild is hoped to come out on reels two, three, and four only. With two to five Scatters, you can also manifold your wins, and the symbols have to be sequent to be possible to get that perquisite. when you will study below, you may have the Wild and the Scatter combined in one, which is unusual and promises interesting chances. there is all you need for great gaming, with the free spins to catch as a perk, and the jackpot which may make a huge difference to your amounts. This simple game is great with its sounds and graphics, the world in which you will find yourself, and the experiences which will delight you with charges, but, with wins too.

Play Captain’s Treasure Pro Slot for Free Online

In this game of scr888 casino, you will find a feature that is actually exceeding. It is called secret Scatter, and it has enough power to act both as the Wild and the Scatter. And with five Treasure Chests, or with five Captains, on one payline, your luck will reward you with a jackpot. That is a reformist lotto style jackpot which comes in a side game. Another win you ought to look forward to is the win which comes with a combination of three or more Treasure Chests and three or more Captains, then your reward will be ten free spins, to which a 5,000x multiplier will be added.

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