Online casino Malaysia – Limited Auto Play in Keno

There are two types of online keno players in online casino Malaysia. The first type is the players who like to change the marked pattern on the keno ticket after every game, particularly if they have not been lucky. They like to try out different patterns, whether letters or numbers or shapes, in the hope of striking one that gives them good results. Players of the second type in online casino Malaysia are mathematically minded and realize that the probability of winning is independent of the marked pattern. Whatever pattern the player may mark the probability of scoring a number of hits remains unchanged. Such players usually do not like to get involved in the hassle of changing the pattern after each game. On the other hand they think that this exercise is a waste of time and would like to get in as many games as they can. Therefore wagering again and again with the same pattern is ideal for these players. The second type of online keno player described above would love to have an auto play feature in the keno game. Unfortunately online gambling games Keno do not provide an auto play feature of the type that is available in online slots. In online slot games players can activate the auto play feature and play 100, 500 or even more games without any manual involvement. The maximum number of auto play games in online slots is different for different software providers. Therefore the absence of such a feature comes as a disappointment to many online keno players. However some online gaming software providers have a limited auto play feature in the keno games in online casino Malaysia. They allow players to play once, five times or ten times with the same ticket. Players first mark out the desired pattern on the ticket and set the appropriate bet amount. They then select the appropriate button from Play 1, Play 5 or Play 10. Finally they click the Play button and the software plays out the desired number of games with the same ticket. The total amount for the selected number of games is not immediately debited to the player’s account. Only the amount for the first game is deducted from the player’s balance. Then the numbers are drawn and hits mark on the ticket. At the end of the game if the player has won any amount the same is added to his balance. The hit marks are cleared on the ticket but not the original marks. The amount for the second game is deducted from the players balance and the game proceeds as before. This procedure is repeated till the desired number of games has been played. Players who want to play more games continuously will have to select Play 10 and follow the above procedure. When10 games have been played the player the player simply has to click the Play button again and 10 more games will be played continuously. This procedure can be repeated indefinitely. It is not as good as the online slot game auto play because the player cannot leave the computer unattended but has to keep clicking the Play button as required.

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Why Avail Of Online Casino Malaysia Bonuses?

“Why avail of online casino bonuses?”  Let says if the answer is “Just because they are offered”, then a rethink is needed. Players of online casino Malaysia should avail of online casino bonuses only if there is an ultimate net benefit. There is a possible benefit because bonuses increase the player’s bankroll without an investment from the player. But this benefit comes with a number of cords attached. And each player has to unravel the strings with reference to his own situation and come to a treated conclusion in this matter. Online casino Malaysia does not allow players to take home the bonus. They only grant players to take home the winnings from the bonus. If the player does not win anything by wagering the bonus that mean they don’t take any benefit. This factor needs to be considered when evaluating whether wagering requirements are worth it. Online casino Malaysia insist that the wagering requirements to be met on both the deposit and the bonus. This entails that even the deposit or the winnings from the deposit cannot be retired till the wagering requirements are met. This is also needs to be considered when evaluating whether wagering concern are worth it. Apart from the fact that wagering concern exists, they have a number of conditions that would be unsound to many players. Wagering concern count completely only on high house edge games like slots and keno. The other games with low house edges they count moderately or not at all. If a player interested in only blackjack is not allowed to meet wagering concern of a particular bonus on blackjack what will he do with that bonus? Apart from game restrictions, wagering concerns have country restrictions. Players from some countries have more wagering concerns that makes it all the more difficult to generate winnings through bonuses. This arises due to those countries have a history of bonus abuse and hence the online casino is taking precautions. Sometimes we have to pay for the sins of others. In such a situation the question had been becomes meaningful. The terms and conditions associated with the restitution of bonuses are not the easiest to understand and they make very uninteresting reading. As a result many players do not go through these situations, let alone understand them. They avail of bonuses hoping to play it by the ear as they go along. This always leads to disputes and the holding up of the player’s funds. Because of the situations outlined above it should be officially clear that bonuses should not be availed simply because they are offered. The player must check out the conditions attached to the bonuses and perceive a benefit after fulfilling them. For instance if he is from a country that has foolishly high wagering requirements then availing of bonuses can be a liability. Or if he is interested in playing online gambling games that do not count for wagering requirements then it is futile to accept a bonus. Due to accepting a bonus the player in many cases would be locking in his deposit as well. If the player wants to acquire take home money by availing the bonus then it is a tough, though not impossible task. A serious application of the pros and cons is required. But if the player is simply interested in deriving the pleasure of wagering at online casino with the casino’s money then it is a much easier decision to make. Players who decide not to avail the bonus must keep one factor in mind. Online casino Malaysia credit bonuses when the player makes a deposit. They have to be telling them earlier that the bonus is not to be credited.

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Avalon Online slot Malaysia to Try

        For the beginner and the new player for online slot Malaysia, the best game at this moment is of course the Avalon slot which has not only been updated for the new version by Microgaming software developer but it has also been designed with more winning possibilities which is up to 243 ways to beat the game. Apart of this, the slot game itself is still easy to get start even for the new player. Meanwhile, the free game’s option is also available for the players to practice and learn the game’s style prior to place his or her real own money. In addition to let the beginner to enjoy the Avalon slot game much more fun, here below is listed for better understanding on how this online slot Malaysia works.

  • Enjoy the latest version of online slot Malaysia for Budgeted player: Under the new Avalon format slot game, the player can get more winning ways up to 243 possibilities. By which the specified symbols have not limited to be only on the mentioned payline but it has been extended to align in the adjacent reels as well. Moreover, Microgaming has created a wager’s option to be placed at the lowest of USD 0.3 for each spin and the highest one is set for USD 7.5 in each spin. This might somehow not be attractive for the high roller but for the beginners and the budgeted players, this is quite good offer to try betting for.
  • Enable the player to get more winning chances with the bonus symbols:Since the Avalon Slot game has been created without the progressive jackpot, then the game has become to offer more special bonus features in order to maximize the player’s winning possibilities instead. For example, if the player can get 3 or more scatter icons, it would automatically allow him or her to be more excited with the trigger Grail bonus. Under this reward, the player would be invited to play on 8 different games where the bonus shall be divided into 7 steps to be triggered. And of course, in final the player would be enjoyed with larger payout as a massive outcome.
  • Entertaining the player with exceptional animation and realistic graphics: Unlike other traditional slot game online, this Avalon slot game has equipped with a fantastic graphic and special animation to let the player feel in new online gambling game experience which is more realistic. During playing the game, the player would have more fun-filled with the background sound and the greater payout he or she has gathered so on.

By the way, at the end of each step of bonus has been reached, the player would be drawn back to the base game. Once he or she can obtain 3 or more scatter symbols, then it is his or her opportunity to win in next bonus’s step. On top of that, most players would be in love with Avalon’s bonus game as it has contained the second screen like free spins to maximize the payouts for the players.


Distinguish mentalities and levels when playing slot machine

If player’s hands hold tight anything then you will not have space to add more different thing. Slot machine Malaysia is similar! If you do not release the failure then you will never be calm to find out victory.

Do not set a goal too high! Everything in your life also needs to be suitable with your capability. If having too much, you will be taken damages.

When winning slot, you should not be over – confident because you will be capable to lose next game. When you are in high position, you also need humility

When you play slot machine Malaysia, not because of winning money to forget everything. Also not because of losing money to lose trust. Fear is a thing you need to practice. In the other words, every player needs to do that, slot gambling has winning – losing. So on, do not over – appreciate winning – losing. You have won this game, it is nothing. Even you have lost this game, it is nothing too.

Do not lose the rules of playing and not being too hard with rules of playing are so difficult things. If you do not have rules of playing then you will make wrong decision but if you are too hard with the rules then you will not be flexible. So on, everything needs a fixed limit. Do not lack and overstrain

Do you know? Actually slot machine has different level! If your way of playing is exactly then your level will be up continuously. If not, you will be worse.

Lower level: betting followed your feeling. Do not have any rule or limit. Playing followed your interest. These lead you to losing all.

Intermediate level: in this level, players begin knowing how to play slot, which techniques they need. They can adjust mentality but still do not get acquainted with skills of playing slot.

Upper level: in this level, players have known and can use flexibly all skills and they can adjust mentality as well as know playing slot needs a limit. They can be patient and can pass though bad situations. However, many times they will be lost all money.

Super level: they can perform all skills perfectly. They can control mentality like a system. They can make money stably by slot. As a slot master, this level is the highest level in gambling slot machine Malaysia.

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Online Casino At Malaysia

Online Blackjack FAQ’s

Blackjack or 21 is a common online casino at Malaysia game which attracts a great deal of interest among casino patrons as well as huge number of questions related to the game. It is for this reason that we have put together some common questions for Blackjack.

We hope that this article will not only widen your knowledge background about this riveting skill game but also support you in learning more about successful game play so that you can enhance your chances of winning the bets you place.

  1. Does blackjack really provide the best odds at casinos?

With the exception of some video poker machines which provide a 100% return in some cases, Blackjack provides some of the best odds of all table games at the casinos BUT that is only when you play according to sound basic blackjack strategies. It also depends on the blackjack variation which you play, so try to review the rules and odds before you play so that you choose the best variation available. For instance, single deck Vegas Strip Blackjack games that permit you to double after you split can give you a 0.1% advantage if you play according to solid strategies.

Are land based and online blackjack games the same?

Speaking of the odds, game play and rules of a particular variation of blackjack, the answer is yes. Some online casino at Malaysia blackjack games do however provide extra features and lesser known variations than their physical counterparts.

Can online blackjack games be manipulated? After all there is no shuffling of cards!

The answer is that although decks of cards in online blackjack games are no manually shuffled, the game is cann’t be manipulated as the games are operated by Random Number Generators (RNG’s) which randomly distribute cards, making this live casino Malaysia as fair and random as their physical versions.

Are online blackjack tournaments purely luck based?

Unlike standard blackjack games, luck does play more of a factor in determining the overall winner of an online blackjack tournament. You can nevertheless enhance your odds by implementing an effective betting patterns. Winning in a blackjack tournament requires you to obtain the biggest chip stack of all entrants; this means that you need to make highest bets for advantage plays and minimum bets when you are dealt low odds hands.

Are progressive jackpot blackjack games a good option?

While progressive jackpot blackjack games do provide the opportunity to win far greater amounts of money than any of the standard game variations, the odds on these side bets are terrible (often with house edges upward of 40%) so playing these means that you lose far more than you win over the long run.

Can you count cards in online blackjack?

No. Card counting is impossible at online casino at Malaysia because the game is governed by a Random Number Generator that shuffles cards after every hand, rendering card counting useless. If card counting is the only way that you play then it is best to stick to physical casinos.

Which is better – single hand or multi-hand blackjack games?

If all other things are equal, it is always preferable to play the single hand version of a specific blackjack game. It is nevertheless crucial to check on the rules as some online casino at Malaysias may change the rules on single hand blackjack games to counter the advantage provided by these.

Negative rules comprise allowing the dealer to hit on soft 17, prohibiting doubling after splitting, and only permitting you to split on two hands. Be on the lookout for these and if you find them, rather opt for a different game or another online casino at Malaysia.

Can other players affect my long term expectation and should I avoid multi-player blackjack games?

Other players do not influence your long term expectations and their actions can help you as much as they ruin you in the game. You may experience some tilt as a result of annoyance with other players’ mistakes and if you are prone to this kind of thing you should avoid multi-player games if you cannot control your emotion but ultimately the way which other players play does not have an impact on your odds.

What is the best blackjack system?

Card counting is the best system when you play at physical casinos but the truth is that there is no system that will make sure that you win every bet you make when you play blackjack online. The best online blackjack system is to learn fundamental blackjack strategy and play accordingly at all times. Fight the urge to deviate from these strategies even if you are winning.

What is the secret to winning at blackjack

The secret to maximize your potential winnings in a game of blackjack is to learn to adapt your game play to take the best advantage of situations as they arise. This requests that you are able to balance your skill with your bankroll and the risks of the game.

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Monkey Thunderbolt – Basics of Monkey Thunderbolt

Summary: This new article will reveal some of basic information of the Monkey Thunderbolt and tips to help you win this slot game.

Basics of Monkey Thunderbolt:

  1. Features Of The Monkey Thunderbolt

The Monkey Thunderbolt, which is one of the widely-played slot games produced by PlayTech software provider, attracts a lot of players all over the world joining in Malaysia online casino every year.

It has 25 pay lines and spreads over 5 reels. The stake amounts could be adjusted by players and the lowest level setting will be 0.01. In order to increase your coin values, the all thing you have to do is to click on the “Coin Value” buttons located alongside the display box of coin value.

If you want to readjust the coin number that you place into when playing, you simply click on the ”Coin” button located to the right-hand side of the coin box and your coins will increase at any time you make a click on the “Coin” button.

When you play the Monkey Thunderbolt, the jackpot that you are able to get is worth 10,000 coins. That jackpot will be awarded when you collect 5 of the Wild symbols on any the pay line. You can also increase your value of jackpot by increasing the number of coins by simply clicking on the coin box.

The second highest paying symbols when you play the Monkey Thunderbolt are Whale symbols. Collecting 5 of them will be able to offer you 1500 coins at the minimum coin number per spin per pay line.

  1. Tips To Win The Monkey Thunderbolt

The one thing you need to know when playing the Great Blue  slot game online or playing this game versions on your mobile devices is that this slot game has a variety of playing structure. This will need you to place into a stake level that allows you to ride out the long base game spins to endure while playing this slot game before some of higher winning combinations and higher paying bonus game rounds will be given to you.

Thus, the tips for winning the Monkey Thunderbolt is that you had better place your stake level down to items that will enable you to get 100 base game spins at least out of your starting slot playing budget. This is due to the fact that this will offer you a chance of getting much higher winning combinations.

If you play Monkey Thunderbolt on your mobile devices, you will have to check out it due to the fact that there are some of the other slot games that are the same to this slot game completely compatible with all of the devices. You will be able to play this slot game free for fun or for real money. After that, do not forget to make use of the attractive casino site bonuses which will boost your playing and boost your bankroll. The Monkey Thunderbolt has an expected percentage of payout about 94% that will be able to fluctuate over each of your section. Nonetheless, in the long run, this slot game will return this starting percentage of payout.


Malaysia online live casino – – Introduction

Summary: Read on this new article to discover some bonuses and promotions offered by – a prestigious Malaysia online live casino.

Malaysia online live casino – – Introduction

  1. Welcome Bonus Deposit MYR100, Play With MYR188
  • All members who are newly registered are eligible to claim 100% Deposit promotion Of MYR88.

How to Claim

  • Choose the Deposit MYR100, play with form of MYR188. To qualify, members would need to transfer MYR100 to claim extra promotion of MYR88. Less or more deposit amount would not be able to claim this bonus.


  • You may just claim this Welcome promotion bonus once, and deposit the exact amount of MYR100 for claiming MYR88 promotion.
  • You are required to make a bet amount of thirteen times before any withdrawal could be made. (Total rollover 13 times of bonus + deposit).

– 100% Bonus = MYR88

– Deposit = MYR100

  • Required Bet Amount = 13 x (MYR100 + MYR88 Bonus) = MYR2.444
  • This special promotion could not be used in conjunction with any other bonus offer.
  • Draw results, betting both sides, voided or cancelled games or bets place that contain the choices of odds under 0.5 or 1.50 (Decimal Odds) and any bet on RNG games, Slots, or 4D Lottery game are not included in the rollover calculation.
  • The promotion amount and every winning would be forfeited if the rollover requirement is not caught within thirty days of promotion credit.
  • WINCLUB88 General Terms and Conditions applied.
  • This Malaysia online live casino reserves the right to delete this bonus at any time, either for individual players or all players.
  1. New Member 100% Welcome Bonus
  • All members of this Malaysia online live casino who are newly registered are eligible to claim 100% welcome promotion Of MYR88.

How to Claim

  • Choose the 100% welcome promotion option in the form of DEPOSIT. To qualify, members would have to transfer at least MYR30. The maximum deposit promotion would be up to MYR388.


  • You may just claim this Welcome promotion Bonus once, ensure that you deposit up to MYR388 to claim the full MYR388 promotion!
  • You are required to make a bet amount of 25x before any withdrawal could be made. (The entire rollover 25x of bonus x deposit).


– Welcome Bonus = 100% x MYR100 = MYR100

– First Deposit = MYR100

  • Required Bet Amount = 25 x (MYR100 Bonus x MYR100) = MYR 5.000
  • This special bonus could be used in conjunction with any other bonus offer.
  • Draw results, betting both sides, voided or cancelled games or bet place that contains choices of odds under 0.5 or 1.50 (Decimal Odds) and any bet on 3 Pictures, VIP CLUB, RNG games, Blackjack, Slots, or 4D Lottery are not included in the rollover calculation.
  • The promotion amount and every winning would be forfeited if the rollover requirements are not caught within 1 month of promotion credit.
  • Members are not entitled to claim the weekly rebate with this bonus promotion credits.
  • The General Terms and Conditions of this Malaysia online live casino are applied.

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Football betting online Malaysia – Information you should know

Summary: This new article will reveal some of the basic information related to football betting online in Malaysia that you should know.

  1. Online Betting In Malaysian Currency

Football betting is illegal in Malaysia, but it is really popular. If you are caught, you will have to pay a fine of about RM5000 or even be sent to prison for 6 months.  It seems unpromising, especially in case you use some of foreign bookmakers. However, you should remember that there are a lot of foreign betting sites which can accept football betting online Malaysia currency or called MYR.

At present, approximately RM 1 billion is paid by bettors every day on football bets, so there is a change in Malaysia when the authorities allows football betting. The legal football betting online Malaysia will help increase the tax revenue, and simultaneously, take money out of the hands of organized crime as well as reduce the risks of football match-fixing scandals. On the other hand, when Malaysia football betting is still not permitted, there are sometimes some arrests though the risks are quite slim. When there are football betting arrests, they are always related to exchanging money, football betting at Internet café, or making a bet with a bookie who is caught. An advice for you is that you should keep away from Asian bookies. Instead, it is better when you use legal betting sites in the Europe where there are no physical agents in Asia. Making a bet with European bookies at your home, not from an Internet café is a very secure for football betting online Malaysia.

If you are a fan of domestic football competitions, will be the best choice for you to make a football betting online Malaysia. It offers football betting on Malaysian competitions and most of football competitions all over the world. And of course, this site accepts betting in MYR.

  1. Online Betting In Euro

Most of Malaysia casino website will need to verify your identity. They will ask for your photo ID and a copy of any bills in your own name. Do not try making a football betting online Malaysia if you do not have them available. In terms of photo ID, MyKad is accepted but it will be better if you show your passport. In terms of utility bill, it can be a cable bill, internet bill, water bill, phone bill, energy bill, or something similar with them. If you do not have any of them, all thing that you need is a banking method.

The banking method, which is the best for football betting online Malaysia is EntroPay. This method will include 4% plus exchange fees when you use whether the Malaysian credit card or Malaysian debit, but it is considered as the safest choice. At some football betting sites like, you will be able to receive a lot of bonus offers which will make up for more than the fees. The best way for you is to open an account with EntroPay in either euro or dollar. This is the fact that MYR will not be accepted. Besides, the additional benefit when you use this banking method is that your bank statement will present as EntroPay as against the name of bookies online sites.

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Malaysia online lottery

Summary: This new article will reveal more about Malaysia online lottery and the reasons why you should choose to buy this kind of lottery.

  1. Online Lottery Game In Malaysia

Malaysia is known as a country where the innovation of gambling is transformed from the West in a rapid way. Nonetheless, if you intend to mention Malaysia online lottery, I have to say that it is not this case. In Malaysia, the appetite of players when gambling has become higher in several recent years. Thus, it is reasonable to say that lottery online will be offered by the best Malaysia online casino in the near future.

The most favorite lottery game that is played in Malaysia is the 4-Digit or called 4D lottery. The 4D lottery will be played simply by choosing to buy Malaysia online lottery with a number ranging from 0000 to 9999. After that, 23 winning numbers will be selected and one will match one of the numbers, and of course, this lucky player will become a lottery winner. In Malaysia, the first lottery supplier who was legalized by the government was the Magnum 4D operator.

  1. Benefits Of Choosing To Buy Online Lottery

As the online gambling in Malaysia has been developing quickly, it has supported to buy Malaysia online lottery. Nobody can deny the benefits of playing online lottery whose benefits is brought to players. One of the benefits of online lottery is the security. When you cannot find your winning lottery ticket, you will know why buying online lottery is so important. This is the fact that when you buy Malaysia online lottery, all of your purchases are made via the Internet. It is sure that there is no risk of losing the winning lottery ticket, or having to verify that the lottery ticket is yours. Your online receipt or purchase’s proof is the only thing that you need to get. Of course, there will be no way to put it in wrong place.

For online lottery agents, any secondary winnings will be paid to your own account directly. If you are a lucky winner in jackpot, you will be informed immediately. Thus, the second benefit when you buy Malaysia online lottery is the convenience.  It is so easy and quick to play online simply with your smart phone or your computer. You do not have to find a shop or a convenience store. Besides, you do not have to spend a huge amount of money travelling or waiting in lines as well.

When buying Malaysia online lottery, the third benefit you will be ensured is the guaranteed payouts. As you know that there are millions of dollars, which are unclaimed because the winners lose their tickets or they forget to verify the results. However, if you buy lottery online, there is surely no risk of missing your winning prize due to forgotten checks or forgetting to claim within the permitted time.

At last, the final benefit of buying lottery online is no geographical limitation. The Internet will offer you a lot of various choices of lottery without any geographical restrictions.

If you want to do something different when you still have the chance, try buying Malaysia online lottery and hope for a chance to change your life.

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Some useful tips on 4D Lottery online

Summary: reading the following information about 4D Lottery helps you get the basic knowledge of 4D Lottery to win in the game.

Useful Tips On 4D Lottery Online Every Player Should Know

If you like online gambling in Malaysia, this writing of 4D lottery online will be necessary for you. However, you need to know what 4D lottery is before taking part in this game. 4D lottery is often called 4-digits is rather common in many countries like China, Singapore, and Malaysia. Why does it become the favorite entertainment? The simplest reason is that you only take a modest investment of a few euro or dollars to join in this game. Moreover, there are some forms of international lottery aggregators that can help many people in the different areas are able to enjoy the game together.

If you have the intention to try it, the most important thing for you is to know the product well. As we mentioned on the above, the gambling form of 4D lottery is getting very popular in many countries. In each country, there will be the different kinds of Lottery. In general, there are about 7 various ways to join in this play including Sports Toto power 6/55, Sports Toto Supreme 6/58, Sorts Toto Mega, TOTO 6D, classic 4D, 4D Jackpot, Classic 3D, and TOTO 5D. Something you need to pay attention to including the knowledge of these types as well as taking the right guess so as to get your expected result.

Know About The Different Forms

The first is about the Sports Toto Mega 6/52. What does it mean? 6/52 means that there are the numbers from 1 to 52 and you need to choose any 6 numbers among them. The first prize will give to you if all 6 numbers you choose are matched. The second will belong to the person that has 5 numbers plus bonus number match. You will win the third prize if you have the same 5 numbers; the fourth if there will be 4 numbers match; and the last if there will be 3 numbers match.

The second is about the Sports Toto Power 6/55 and Sports Toto Supreme 6/58. In this form, the way to play is very simple. There are the numbers from 1 to 55 for Sports Toto Power 6/55 and from 6/58 for Sports Toto Supreme 6/58 for you to choose. The prize is the same as Toto Mega options. However, you only have 4 winning numbers. There are 5 forms of 4D Lottery games, including: classic 4D, 4D Jackpot, Classic 3D, Toto 5D, and Toto 6D.

Take The Right Guess                                                                      

In these games, it is very important if you have luck. However, just your luck is not enough for you to win the game. You also need to take the right guess to win in 4D lottery online. After taking the right guess, it is necessary to select the best one.

Monkey Thunderbolt